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Terri Stacy Interview with Emerald 

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Terri interviews Joe Pappas, Greg Holman, Dr Marwan Mustaklem and Mike Purichia


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Carmel clinic treats addiction with enzymes, vitamins

,    7:05 a.m. ET Nov. 7, 2016


(Photo: Shari Rudavsky/IndyStar)

A new Carmel clinic is hoping to treat drug addictions through a process that is relatively new to the U.S.

The Emerald Neuro-Recover Centers of Carmel is the first clinic in the Midwest to offer addiction therapy using intravenous infusions of NAD, a chemical naturally produced in the body. People who are addicted to a number of substances lack sufficient levels of this co-enzyme of vitamin B, the thinking goes.

Daily infusions of this chemical, mixed with other vitamins to boost healing, allow a patient’s brain to recover and the patient to shake drugs for good, said Joe Pappas, chief executive officer.

“You’re actually restoring the brain to its pre-addiction neurological levels,” he said. “We know this repairs brains. … It’s remodeling every cell in the body.”

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