Testimonial Jacquie Ellis RN

“I have been in the nursing field nearly forty years, first as an LPN and then graduated from IU School of Nursing RN program.

My nursing career includes medical/surgical, Home Health, ventilator care, hemodialysis, Long term acute care, psychiatric nursing, as well as a few other experiences.

I believe myself to be a dedicated patient advocate and this, THIS, addictions treatment program is sooo amazing! if I had known about it over 20 years ago perhaps my oldest child would still be with us. If I had not seen the benefits with my own eyes I may not have believed it was possible.

I am so blessed with the opportunity to take part in this revolutionary program here in the Midwest…in helping people who really want to stop dancing with the devil and get their lives back. I look forward to seeing others join the revolution!”

-Jacquie Ellis,  Registered Nurse